Dog's World Magazine is published by ROSIJI FOUNDATION, through our Canine Welfare Programme which aims to inform, educate and enlighten the Nigerian public on all issues pertaining to the responsible ownership of dogs -- both as pets and as working animals.

From the stone ages, as evidenced in cave drawings, the dog has been a close companion to man and has served him in numerous ways. For centuries, the dog has worked with us as a skillful hunter and has guarded us, our loved ones and our property against all sorts of hostilities. He has ventured through enemy lines in times of war and has bravely gone where men dare not go. Needless to say, many humans owe their lives to a dogs.

Because of this, we are particularly worried by the manner in which many of us treat our dogs. Many people continue to see dogs as no more than a waste disposal system, which should be left to scavenge and fend for itself. When you mention the word "dog", to them it conjures up images of a flea-ridden bundle of dribble and uncontrollable fur that bites and spreads killer diseases. They don't want that sort of thing anywhere near them or their children.

We believe that this is a normal phobia born of a lack of understanding and familiarity with the dog. At Canine Welfare, we aim to enlighten the Nigerian public on the delights of owning and caring for a dog. We also hope to be able to influence those Nigerians for whom dogs are like sheep or goat in other civilizations -- where mutton and lamb chops are considered culinary delicatessens.

It is true that most of the canine welfare problems encountered in Nigeria are not so different from those encountered elsewhere in the world, but the difference is that elsewhere, these matters are being addressed. We have been pleasantly surprised by the number Nigerians we have met who are true dog lovers and who make daily sacrifices to protect the welfare of their pets. We have also worked with those who, within a period of just a few weeks, have grown from disliking and fearing dogs, to cherishing and caring for them with a passion. Of course there are also the children who have a natural love for these furry pouches. It is this energy and passion in Nigerians that has urged us on to want to spread the word to others, through various forms of dissemination of information.

School Programme
Talks, film screening and presentations to schools within Lagos metropolis.
Because of the high demand, this School programme will continue throughout next year and not just this December. If you are a registered school and wish to benefit from this programme please apply in writing

Library Project

Canine Welfare will be opening the first animal-related library in the country. Please do not throw away or destroy your old books or magazines. We would appreciate them as contributions to the new library.

Veterinary Grant
Canine Welfare will be introducing an annual Veterinary Grant to a deserving third year student at the University of Ibadan, Department of Veterinary Sciences. Interested students should apply in writing for the guidelines.

How you can help

Contribution of articles and photos on any of the following subjects:
Responsible pet ownership
Dog care (grooming, feeding etc)
Dog Training (especially obedience) either general articles or training tips
All aspects of Breeding
Animal rescue
Animal rights
Assistance dogs

Donation of Educational and public enlightenment materials


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