Are You a Quack ! !

For many years the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association has been trying to battle the scourge of quacks in their profession. Many words have been thrown around and as we listen in the sidelines, we dog owners nod out heads in agreement and "tut, tut" in disapproval. To date, these seemingly faceless quacks are actively practising on our dogs! So who are they? Can they not be finger pointed? Are we so concerned with appearances or afraid to embarrassing someone that we fail to do the right thing? Who are these charlatans that have somehow or other found themselves wearing a white overall, holding a syringe in one hand and balancing a stethoscope around their neck? How have they drifted into profession and fool us all". Why can they not be arrested?

To be honest none of these questions are relevant. It is for dog owners to take matters into their hands and refuse to allow non professionals to treat their dogs. It is foolhardy to thing that you are saving costs, and ultimately it is our dogs that will be the victim. If there were no customers willing to use their services, there would be no quacks. So we should give ourselves a hard look and blame no one when disaster hits. In this issue, both the President of NVMA Rivers State Chapter, Dr Mike Obiora and Dr Ambali of Mabs Veterinary Clinic have mentioned this problem in their interviews and Quacks MUST be stopped.

I strongly advise all dog owners to visit the NVMA website at to check the Directory of Veterinary Surgeons and the Directory of Veterinary Clinics to ensure that the "vet" treating your dog really and truly is a veterinary doctor. If he is not on the list, show him the door.

And if you reading this know that you are guilty of this offence . . . shame on you!

B. Rosiji



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